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The Workout

The Workout

The Program

Slow-Intensity® is our specialized program of high-intensity, low-force weight lifting at very slow speeds. It allows for an even application of resistance by eliminating momentum and forcing the muscles to do ALL of the work, thus improving overall strength and endurance. Each20-30 minute workout includes techniques to safely and continuously build lean muscle, increase metabolism and burn calories more efficiently. We typically recommend 2 twenty-minute sessions per week allowing your body sufficient time to rest and rebuild.


Once a session at BodyQuest begins, your body is taken through 6 to 10 muscle specific exercises on our new Nautilus Nitro Plus machines. Each repetition takes 10 seconds to lift the weight and another 10 seconds to lower the weight until it is absolutely impossible to move the weight any longer. This is when muscle fatigue occurs, and that is the goal of every exercise. After 1-3 minutes of performing the exercise, a trainer encourages you to sustain the weight for an additional 10 seconds. This ensures the muscle has been thoroughly exhausted.


The Workout

BodyQuest Fitness created the 30 Minute Slow-Intensity® Workout to achieve a healthy, strong and lean body in just two 30 minute sessions per week.  This is a specialized program of high-intensity, low force weight lifting at very slow speeds.  Each workout incorporates six to nine exercises designed to target every major muscle group. Each repetition takes 10 seconds to lift the weight and another 10 seconds to lower the weight until it is absolutely impossible to move the weight any longer. This is when muscle fatigue occurs, and that is the goal of every exercise.  Ideally, after a minute and a half you will no longer be able to complete another full repetition, and this is when your trainer encourages you to sustain the weight an additional 10 seconds. This ensures the muscle has been thoroughly exhausted.


Muscle fatigue is the key to results-driven resistance training and one that is usually neglected.  It is with fatigue that the body begins to change and develop into a lean, calorie burning machine.  Building and maintaining muscle speeds up your metabolism and helps reduce unwanted body fat.  The ultimate goal is to push clients safely beyond the point they want to stop and to the point where their muscle actually fatigues.  Learning correct form, proper breathing and muscle awareness are a few benefits to one-on-one training with a certified BodyQuest trainer.


BodyQuest Fitness is strictly a private, one-on-one training facility, unlike other gyms.  It’s just you and your personal trainer in the climate controlled, distraction-free studio.  The best part of this program is being able to just show up, there is never any guesswork in your exercise routine because your trainer knows you are coming (scheduled appointments keep your fitness goals on track) and your personal assessment chart is ready with the correct weights and equipment settings.  You will never have to spend hours in a crowded gym waiting for equipment

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. You will be free to focus entirely on your form, breathing and technique.


Whether you’re new to weight lifting or have exercised for years, our personal trainers will modify the intensity of the workout to your current fitness level.  We utilize many different exercises consisting of machines, free weights, body weight, medicine balls, balance and stretching techniques and functional trainers, all in order to keep the body guessing.  You cannot do the exact same exercise week after week and expect the body to change.  It needs progression and variation.  Each workout is different, unique and never boring!  We have a wealth of knowledge regarding injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.  Just because you can’t do one particular exercise because of a limitation, there are many more ways to work the same muscle group.  We have clients from 18 to 87 years old.  Our clients include golfers, tennis players, athletes and many other clients who have never worked out a day in their life!  Some clients have had knee or hip replacements, back surgeries, joint pain, and we’re able to work around each injury and help strengthen the areas safely, because as the muscles become stronger they support joint stability and areas of concern more effectively!  


Why not Aerobics?

For decades, Americans have been bombarded with the notion aerobics is the key to a healthier life. People are now realizing the stress and harm we inflict onto our bodies from all this high force activity. Remember, low-impact does NOT mean low force! The New York Times ran an article, “Baby Boomers Stay Active, and So Do Their Doctors”, that said the second leading reason baby boomers see their doctors is because of exercise related injuries such as damage to the knees from years of running, hip replacements, stress fractures on feet and rotator cuff injuries. These boomers were the first generation to embrace aerobics as the preferred method of exercise. In addition, aerobics is typically a low to moderate, long duration exercise and while you may burn a small amount of calories during the activity, once you’ve stopped, so has your body’s ability to burn any additional calories. It also makes you extremely hungry afterwards- so in turn you end up eating more calories than you think, after losing a lot fewer calories than you thought. Strength training will get you to your goals faster and safer!


Reach your health and fitness goals faster, by slowing things down! Call today for a free workout and consultation.  (858-794-0040, www.bodyquestfit.com, info@bodyquestfit.com)