About the Studio

  • Linda W.

    Solana Beach

    I want to take the opportunity to tell you how much your training program has done for me and my life. Perhaps one of the most important parts is I no longer anticipate training or working out as "work" but rather an invigorating experience which embraces my self-esteem and makes my day an exciting challenge. I really look forward to "working out" with the hands on personal touch you give, enabling me to try harder and harder and not giving in. Each week when I surpass the previous weight, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and if I have a question you can always answer it. I love getting my progress reports so I can see exactly how I have been improving, how much strength I have gained and how my measurements have been going down! I am finding my great fear of sagging skin and loss of tone is being eradicated. Feeling firm arms and legs give me a sense of well-being and youthfulness, especially when I challenge my surfer boyfriend to arm wrestling and win! Seriously it is great fun to try on clothes when your body is fit. I love coming here! It is very addicting, which is why I have been here for almost 10 years!

  • Don G.

    Del Mar, CA

    I’ve been going to BodyQuest twice a week since April, 2006. It has provided tremendous heath benefits by sticking to a proven, consistent workout schedule. Prior to BodyQuest, I just couldn’t find the will, nor energy, to maintain an exercise schedule. While always having good intentions in the morning, all too often I found that after a 10-hour+ stressful work-day I was in no mood for fighting the crowds at a corporate, membership-based gym. After work, I was far more likely to find myself on a bar stool rather than a nautilus machine.

    BodyQuest changed this self-defeating cycle. By having the workouts scheduled on my calendar, and prepaid, I have been able keep up with a long-term beneficial exercise schedule. The 30 minute sessions are exhausting, but after only 30 minutes they are over and I leave with more energy and a better attitude. Kristin and Rachael have been wonderful, tailoring the workouts to my ability and specific needs. Last year, following some surgery, the workouts were specially designed for me to first get back flexibility, and then strength over time. I have received great nutritional advice as well, which combined with the workouts has led to a far more healthy lifestyle. I will turn 60 this summer, and I honestly feel that I am in better shape and overall health than I was at 40.

    Give BodyQuest a try. You know you have been looking for a workout program you could stick with. Pick up the phone and schedule an introductory consultation. You will not regret it!

  • Karen B.


    I read an article regarding slow-intensity training and was impressed by the results that could be achieved in so little time. Therefore, I was very excited when I read that Body Quest was opening in Solana Beach and was offering this new idea in exercise. The thought that just two short workouts per week could get me back into shape was ideal for me. There finally was a program that I felt I could commit to and that didn't have to take over my life.

    Once I started, I really liked having a trainer with me for every session. I enjoy the privacy provided by having the whole room to my trainer and me. The one-on-one system insures that no time is wasted and that I get the maximum benefit from each session. The trainers ensure that my form stays correct and they push me far beyond what I would do on my own. This has given me the results I had been looking for without exercise being my primary focus.
    My arms had developed a lot of wrinkles from years of exposure to the sun and the loss of muscle tone. As a result of the bicep and triceps exercises, my skin started to smooth out as the fat was replaced by muscle.

    I like that the exercise room is kept very cool because I don't sweat like I would at a gym. I often can stay out after my session and do errands and go to appointments since I can wear clothing suitable for both activities. The workouts are hard but I know that there is nothing I could do once a week and still maintain my muscle strength and body tone.

    I am 74 years old and have been exercising with BodyQuest for 10 years! This program is a miracle for me because of the small time commitment and the good results I have achieved. I couldn't do it without the dedication, encouragement, and enthusiastic support I get at BodyQuest!

    I am so happy with this whole part of my life. I have maintained a consistent weight throughout this time and I have rid myself of all guilt feelings concerning exercise. How freeing is that?

  • Joyce L.

    Retired Nurse

    Why I love Body Quest Fitness:

    I have been a client at Body Quest for nine years. When I first inquired about the program, I did so because I was unable to continue with an exercise routine that I had followed for many years due to a few minor health issues. Oh, did anyone mention menopause as well? What a shocker to a woman's system. Weight gain and fatigue secondary to hot flashes were just a couple of examples of the issues I was dealing with.

    Exercise has always had mental and physical benefits for me and I knew at the time I needed something to reboot my life. Lucky me....I found a way out of my doldrums with this slow intensity fitness training program.

    One of the things I love about training with Kristin and Rachael is that all I have to do is show up! Everything is planned, I am encouraged along and just try to keep up with these two amazing ladies. By the end of a half an hour, I feel that I have had a complete workout. They are able to adjust on a moment's notice should I have an issue with a muscle or a tender back, or whatever. They are also willing to focus on any special requests I have to work certain muscle groups. The importance here is the individual attention they give to each client. Everyone has different needs and they figure that out and arrange the program accordingly.

    I am in the best shape I have been in since my youth....maybe more so. I like to say I may be getting older, but stronger. I am 25 pounds less than when I started. What I usually get from people is...."Oh, you are strong!" When working as a nurse, co-workers would ask me to help move a patient because I was "so strong". Patients would look at me in surprise when I would transfer them and say, "Oh, you are so strong for being so little!". I was moving furniture with a younger and taller woman they other day, and as soon as we picked it up she said, "Oh my, you are strong!" Starting to see the pattern? I just starting learning the game of golf last year and the benefits of this slow-intensity training program have been very obvious. Golf is not any easy game, no matter how simple the pros make it look on TV. I have golfed with more than one woman who has come over to me after hitting my driver off the tee and said....you guessed it....."You are strong!" Every little bit helps!!!

    So sign up and enjoy the benefits of this program!

  • Nancy H.

    Director of Marketing, COO

    BodyQuest Fitness is like no program I have ever experienced. Kristin and Rachel are dedicated to enhancing ones quality of life, through the creation of personalized coaching which touches upon the physical, mental and emotional well being of each client. My son Liam has Cystic Fibrosis. His challenges are tremendous and as he continues to fight his disease head on, his long term prognosis is optimistic, at best. I shared Liam’s struggles with Kristin during several of our training sessions, and she encouraged me to bring him in for a session. That one session has turned into 7 years, and BodyQuest is an essential key to his success in beating the odds from this disease. The strength he has gained is emotional and developmental, as well as physical. Liam has companions in his journey to beat this disease, and even though he is currently listed for a double lung transplant, Kristin and Rachel have committed to participate in a mud run alongside Liam once he receives his new lungs. For our family, this program has taught Liam that fitness of body is what he re-quests, and a strong positive attitude is a bonus.

  • Cathy & Jimmy

    Solana Beach

    I started training at BodyQuest Fitness in June of 2007 and never looked back! This is the first workout program that I look forward to every week (I workout 2 times a week for 30 minutes each). I’m able to fit it into my busy work schedule, and it makes me feel energized for the rest of the day. That’s not to say it’s an easy workout, quite the contrary. It’s intense and focused, and each week I am doing something new, different or adding time and weight to my existing exercises. This workout has made my body feel strong, flexible and more able to do things in my life without fear of injury. 3 years ago I asked my husband to try out the workout because his lack of strength coupled with chronic knee pain was making daily activities more difficult and we weren’t able to be as active together in our lives. He was hooked after 1 session, and the most amazing thing happened; he now loves going on hikes, runs and bike rides with me! And his knee pain is gone! BodyQuest has done a lot for my husband and I, and I’m so glad I walked in those doors 7 years ago! They are knowledgeable in many areas of fitness and nutrition. Thank you for helping us become stronger and enjoy life together in a whole new way!

  • Marty S.

    Director, South East Law Enforcement Military Academy

    In April of 2006 my wife showed me an advertisement from BodyQuest Fitness highlighting the philosophy and benefits of slow-intensity weight training. I had been lifting weights for many years and was a Master Sergeant in the Marines for over 20 years - so I was VERY skeptical of the claims made in the ad. I went for a consultation and introduction session and I signed up for 10 sessions with my skepticism in tact. That was years ago, and I must say that this workout is the most efficient means of building lean muscle mass that I have ever experienced. I have built lean muscle mass, gained a tremendous amount of strength and lost approximately 8% body fat. I am a firm believer in BodyQuest and the slow-intensity method!

  • Bob B.


    I never liked calisthenics or working out in general, so I never could stay on a self-administered workout program. The tennis I played and limited work around the house kept me in reasonable, but certainly not good shape. Also, I had always been physically strong. Unfortunately, over the past 20 years my strength gradually diminished and I was quite discouraged by how weak I had become.

    Luckily, my wife talked me into joining BodyQuest (Karen B.!). I was swayed by the promise of just two half-hour sessions per week, and by the emphasis on strength training and other methods used by the trainers. I felt a rapid increase in my strength and endurance, and I now feel as strong as I did many years ago. Also, I was eventually able to reduce my commitment to once per week and I haven't lost any of my gains. In fact, the regular progress reports prepared by BodyQuest show that I continue to increase in some areas. For someone who doesn't like exercising this has been extremely worthwhile and I would highly recommend this program to others. It’s been 10 years, so it’s safe to say this is the longest I’ve stuck with a program, and with good reason!

  • Robin S.

    Loan Consultant

    I began training at BodyQuest in May 2006. I LOVE what it has done for my body. My friends and family noticed right away the definition on my arms, shoulders and back. The training has revved up my metabolism, tightened and toned my backside and given me strength and confidence beyond my wildest expectations. I am truly a believer and addicted to this method of training, as it is both effective and efficient in terms of time spent.

  • Maggie S.

    Doctoral candidate in Consulting Psychology

    I came to BodyQuest because I felt like my body wasn't changing with all the activities I was doing. I was a competitive runner all through high school and in college I ran marathons. I felt I was fit enough to do anything I attempted; weight lifting, cycling, running, climbing, and yet I was unhappy with my body size and shape. Within weeks of training at BodyQuest, I felt stronger than ever and my shape changed dramatically. I shaved inches off my hips, thighs and waist - something I had never been able to do before with any other exercise.

  • Kathy A., 47

    Stay at Home Mom

    I have tried every form of aerobics imaginable with little or no results and I hated the thought of trying to lift weights in a crowded gym. I never could have thought that 30 minutes twice a week could do so much for my body. The one-on-one personal attention is ideal. I have more energy, my clothes fit better and I am losing inches and pounds all over my body!

  • Larry M., 60


    I have been weight training my whole life and thought I knew it all, but BodyQuest opened my eyes to a whole new way to increase muscle mass and boost my metabolism. My muscles work harder, I see greater strength gains, and my body feels and looks better than it has in years.

  • Aaron F., 33

    President, Freeform

    Prior to my back surgery I enjoyed outdoor activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding. I never thought I would do any of that again once I began to recover. Fortunately, the Nautilus equipment isolates the muscles really well and stabilizes the rest of my body during each exercise. The slow movements allowed me to thoroughly work my muscles in the safest way imaginable. Now I am back to enjoying my life again!

  • B. B., 79


    I came to BodyQuest wanting to increase my bone density and overall strength to make daily activities a little easier. I had never lifted a weight in my life, but BodyQuest made it simple and helped me through each exercise with great patience and personal attention.