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About the Studio

How Are We Different?

BodyQuest Fitness is strictly a private, one-on-one training facility, unlike other gyms.  It’s just you and your personal trainer in the climate controlled, distraction-free studio.  We are the only true private training facility; other gyms claim they are personal training gyms, but allow multiple trainers and multiple clients at the same time in the gym, so you end up waiting for machines and being with many other people.  BodyQuest allows only 1 trainer with 1 client at a time in the gym.


Other gyms offer only the exact same 6 machines during every workout.  You will hit plateaus and it will get boring.  We utilize many different exercises consisting of machines, free weights, body weight, medicine balls, balance and stretching techniques and functional trainers, all in order to keep the body guessing.  You cannot do the exact same exercise week after week and expect the body to change.  It needs progression and variation.  Each workout is different, unique and never boring!  We work hard to come up with new exercises, especially since many clients have been with us for many years!  Plus, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.  Just because you can’t do one particular exercise because of a limitation, there are many more ways to work the same muscle group.


We have an extensive background in sports, rehabilitation and physical therapy. We also work with our clients doctors and chiropractors and make sure everyone is on the same page with the clients health progress and goals.  Our clients include golfers, tennis players, athletes and many other clients who have never worked out a day in their life!  Some clients have had knee or hip replacements, back surgeries, joint pain, and we’re able to work around each injury and help strengthen the areas safely, because as the muscles become stronger they support joint stability and areas of concern more effectively!


We work with clients on many other aspects of their health.  Diet, nutrition, sleep habits, sport specific movements for activities like tennis and golf are just a few of the many things we provide every client!  We strive to help every client with many aspects of their well being, fitness related and more!


We provide access to newsletters, blogs and videos to help continue the fitness and health progress and growth even at home and anytime you are away from the gym!  Videos with demonstrations of stretching, foam rolling, golf exercises and related golf specific stretches and vacation exercises are just a few!