The Importance of Sleep

A typical morning for many of us begins with hitting the snooze button multiple times until we finally make it downstairs to enjoy our first cup of coffee.… Read More

Artificial Sweeteners – Toxic and Harmful Chemicals Making Us Fatter and Sicker

Sugar substitutes such as saccharin (Sweet’N Low®), aspartame (Equal®, NutraSweet®) and sucralose (Splenda®) may seem like a perfect solution to our growing waistlines and increasing obesity rate with its promises to satisfy our cravings with zero calories, but in reality they are ALL chemicals destroying our bodies.… Read More

A Review of Jim Karas’s Book, The Cardio-Free Diet

Most of us exercise to lose a few extra pounds, firm up and increase our energy. Jim Karas wrote The Cardio-Free Diet with the promise of just that; no cardio and 2 short sessions a week.… Read More